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We are looking for researchers at all levels (Postdoctoral Fellows, PhD students, and Research Assistants) to work on the lines of research listed above. Please send your CV via email to if you are interested.

I encourage you to include in your email a paragraph or so stating your research interests/experience and how you feel these interests fit with the research areas outlined on this site, as this will better facilitate matching you to potential projects. PhD applicants may also be interested in checking out the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, which provides an excellent stipend and support for PhD studies in Hong Kong.

I make sure to read all applicant emails, but do not take it personally if I forget to reply since I often won’t be able to process these emails immediately. In general I am always happy to discuss opportunities for supervision, but take note that openings for positions may be subject to university- and department-level admissions criteria as well as project funding. I will try my best to be clear about these sources of variability and how they apply to each interested candidate. Your interest is much appreciated!